Trager® Moving Meditation

Class Theme: 
General Class intended for everyone
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Class Date: 
Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 14:00 to 18:00
Glen Echo
$ US

This class is for those of you who love to move, to move your body, to dance, do yoga, walk, stand at your desk, stretch.  Or, who cannot stand (ha! – pun?) a desk job so you’ve found another way.  Or, maybe who feel like a wanna-be, a wanna-move(r).


You will be guided in movement explorations, usually with music to spur us on.  This is all about how you feel, not about how you look, so come and move in ways that lighten and brighten you.  Come move, explore what your body/mind calls for.  You will learn about

- moving with more fluidity, dissolving tightness, being buoyed by fullness

- bringing this practice and awareness to daily life – walking to the car, working with clients, sitting at your computer, . . .

- developing tools to use with yourself and others


Wear loose comfortable clothing so you can move and feel good. This class is appropriate for anyone who wants to move with more freedom and ease. It is also for massage therapists and other bodyworkers who want to learn about Trager® and earn 4 NCBTMB CEs.


Trager® is an approach to moving and being in ease and connection, where clear, light movement will dialogue with our nervous system, putting body and mind at ease so we are able to release old holding patterns and discover possibility for ourselves.


You can reserve your spot by emailing or going online to The cost is $45 and can be paid via PayPal to that email address, or by bringing cash/check to the event.


“There is a way that is lighter, that is freer, a way in which work as well as play is a dance, and living, a song.  We can learn this way.”  - Milton Trager, MD


Robbin Phelps teaches this class and other Trager® movement classes, and offers individual sessions in the Trager® Approach, and in energy medicine. She is a long-time bodyworker and teacher, and a therapist.